Life is too short

to spend it

filling in long forms.

Our dynamic forms platform fills in the details, 

so that you and your customers can get on with life.

Paper forms reimagined 

for the digital age.

If your forms look and act like on-screen paper, 

are they really "digital"?

DexaForms are living documents that change and adapt, 

enabling entirely new use cases.

Saving you time and frustration

The more complicated your product or service delivery is, the more time you will save by switching to DexaForms.

Here is a behind the scenes look at how DexaForms makes life easier for one of Norway's leading home builders.

Reach your customers where they are, online.

Enabling customer driven engagement with your products and services allows you to scale your business.

Why choose DexaForms

Your customers will thank you.

Add content and launch!

Low up-front costs, just add content and start saving time right away.

Integrate and conquer

DexaForms works on it own and together with your existing IT systems.

We are here for you

Our full service offering ensures you never get stuck.

From our early adopters

"DexaForms makes it easier for us to present an accurate picture of our delivery process and how the customer can influence the end result. And it saves us a lot of time."

- Kjetil

Currently accepting applicants to our early adopter program.

Contact us today for more information.

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